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Hommy Santiago

Hello, my name is Hommy Santiago. I am a dedicated member of the Bic DeCaro & Associates team at EXP Realty, bringing a unique blend of dedication, integrity, and expertise to the Northern Virginia real estate market. With 13 years of residency in this vibrant area, I possess a deep understanding of its neighborhoods, schools, and market trends, which I leverage to provide my clients with personalized and informed guidance.

Before embarking on my real estate career, I served in the military, where I developed a strong sense of discipline and a commitment to ethical service—qualities that I bring to every transaction. As a father, I understand the needs of families, from finding a home with the right amount of space to choosing a location with the best educational opportunities.

As an avid cyclist, I enjoy exploring the scenic beauty of Northern Virginia on two wheels, giving me a unique perspective on the hidden gems and appealing aspects of different communities. My expertise in real estate transactions is broad and varied, ensuring that whether you are buying your first home, seeking to invest, or looking to sell at the best possible price, I am equipped to assist you through every step of the process. My approach is always client-focused, aiming to achieve the best outcome while ensuring a smooth and transparent experience.

Let me help you navigate your real estate journey with the care and dedication you deserve.


Bic is a Real Pro in the real estate arena. She provided me with all the recommendations down to the smallest detail on the preparations for the sale of my my property. Once the property was listed, Bic’s outstanding negotiation skills came to light very quickly. The team included Jessica and Cora  who demonst…

Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Fairfax, VA.