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Esther Mooney

Raised in the vibrant city of Rochester, NY, I was immersed in a rich deaf culture from an early age, thanks to local institutions like NTID and RSD. This unique aspect of my upbringing granted me fluency in sign language, enabling me to bridge the worlds of the hearing and the deaf with ease and empathy.

My professional journey spans over 15 years in property management, beginning as a leasing professional and culminating in a rewarding 7-year tenure as a property manager. This path took me to various locales, enriching my understanding of diverse housing needs and community dynamics. Life's changing seasons, with my eldest stepping into high school and the arrival of a new baby boy just 5 months ago, prompted a thoughtful career shift. Yet, my passion for guiding others to their ideal home remained unchanged.

Transitioning into real estate, my extensive background in property management has endowed me with unique skills that set me apart in the field. I excel in providing clear, educational insights that clarify the complexities of the buying and selling process. My thorough approach ensures that every client's question is answered, empowering them to make informed decisions with confidence. Moreover, my ability to empathize with the emotional intricacies of home transitions enables me to offer heartfelt support to my clients, no matter the circumstances of their journey.

Outside of my professional life, my heart belongs to my family. I treasure the moments spent with my husband, our 15-year-old son, our newest little one, and our three beloved dogs, Thor, Loki, and Migo. And when the world quiets down, my love for mathematics often takes center stage, reflecting my appreciation for the structure and beauty it brings to our lives.

In me, you'll find more than a real estate agent; you'll discover a dedicated partner, ready to provide expert advice, educational support, and a compassionate ear throughout every step of your home-buying or selling journey.


Bic has an outstanding team! She was able to get my condo listed and sold in a very short time, despite my multiple problems that needed to be addressed including new floors, carpet, plumbing and paint / trim. She did an outstanding job when I had one install man blow up on me as well. She also has an awesome support team, including www. Finally, she…
Sold a Condo home in 2015 for approximately $175K in Falls Church, VA.